Hello Kim!

Say Hi to Kim Taylor our Candidate Manager. I have been working with Kim for some time and she is the long standing member of the Square Peg team. I asked Kim to write me a few words for the blog.

“I am eight years into my recruiting career with over two and half years at Square Peg Associates. It feels like home here with a great team around me.  I began my career as a Recruitment Resourcer , worked my way up to an Account Manager and I now oversee the candidate side of the business to ensure that the quality control and standards are  adhered to.  I’d say I am the organised one! I like to make sure I keep all the CRM systems up to date and on track.

 I am extremely passionate about providing the best service to both candidates and clients, and I make it my goal to know as much as possible about our clients so I really know them and what they want every time.

 Outside of work, I am a proud mum to my gorgeous son Freddie, I enjoy relaxing and watching the latest movies. I have a love for Italian food and anything which involves cheese. You will always find me tasting new ciders, Old Mout being a fave right now.

 My claim to fame – I used to date a former Emmerdale actor. Can you guess which one!”

Kim Taylor

Hello Jemma!

Meet Jemma our Trainee Recruitment Consultant, we asked her to write a few words for the blog about her experiences with Square Peg.

“I’m loving the fast pace, buzz and satisfaction of placing quality candidates into great employers through Square Peg. I actually did not realise how varied and challenging a recruiting role would be and I am still learning something new each day – and still smiling! From completing college and achieving great success, I have moved forward from being a qualified administrator and P.A. into being a recruiter. I love going to network events, it almost doesn’t feel like work as I like to get to know people and what makes them tick. I know with the support and training from Suzanne and the team, my ultimate aim is to be a high achiever.

In my spare time, like most people, I endeavour to go to the gym frequently with friends, I drag them, they drag me sort of scenario and I’ll even do an odd 5k challenge for charity. I’ve become a bit of a home bird recently, having just moved into my first house and completely loving it!

The team ethic at Square Peg is really strong and we support each other, and we are a friendly bunch!”

Jemma Doolan

Peaks & Troughs

Twelve months ago, a team of Lancashire businesses embarked on the National 3 peaks challenge to conquer the peaks within 24 hours. (Sept 15 England Scotland & Wales). The team raised £1833.56 for the Fire Fighters Charity – a provider of services that enhance quality of life for serving and retired fire fighters, fire personnel and their families. And I was thrilled to be a part of it..

Taking on the challenge was a huge deal for me both physically and mentally, with the physical training came the thoughts of whether I was ready for the commitment. But commit I did, and I learnt more about myself than I thought when I faced injury and disappointment.

I was two peaks down when injury struck coming down Scafell pike in the pouring rain so grudgingly I had to abandon the third peak. So I learnt to deal with the disappointment along with the elation I felt for my team and I remained steadfast that one day I would complete the journey.

Twelve months later, I am proud to say that I finally got there and climbed Snowden on 8th October 2016. And it felt great even if it was twelve months later and I’m proud of my patience!

Big shout out to the team:-

Guide, Organiser, leader – Craig Rawsthorne – Peaks n Troughs

Paul Aisthorpe, Organiser & chief motivator – Imaginative Coaching  

Janet Marsden, Weighing Scales Ltd, Nelson

John Gannon, Weighing Scales Ltd, Nelson

David Riley, A White Room, Colne

Mike Dixon, Allied Lighting, Preston

Greg West, SavingYou.com

And a massive thanks to my friend Charlotte who shared the final peak with me. It was worth the wait!

Big Bury Expo Winners!


In our last blog we congratulated the winners of our business card draw at the Big Bury Expo at the end of last month. Well this week it was great to get out and meet the winners of our prize drawer. We wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for meeting us at the Expo and seeing how a square peg rolls!

Thank you to Josh’s Grandad from the Super Josh charity  for popping in to pick up his box of Chocolates and to meet the Square Peg Team. Read more about the charity here

Thanks to Neil Cope from People Matters for taking the time to meet with us and get his prize bottle of Champagne.      

And thanks to Martin Stembridge at Martin Stembridge Photography for letting us pop by to drop off his bottle of Prosecco and grab a quick piccy (not as good as his though!)

Congratulations again and thanks for taking part in our survey and business card prize draw.

Big Bury Expo!

Square Peg’s first Big Bury Expo was a huge success!

We made lots of new contacts, met some new and “old” faces and felt very welcome from the start. We even met the mayor!

Organised by a great team, the event which was held on 29th September is designed to get great local businesses together for an evening of networking. We really enjoyed the experience and would like to thank the organisers and people we met, we look forward to working with you all in the future. If you would like to have an informal chat with any of the Square Peg team regarding your recruitment needs please give us a call on 01706 523 079. Read a little bit more about us and the team here.

Thanks to everyone that came to talk to us and congratulations to our prize draw winners!

Neil Cope: People Matters (HRC) Ltd won a Bottle of Champagne.

SuperJosh Charity won a Box of Chocolates.

Martin Stembridge: Weddings & Portraits won a Bottle of Prosecco.

We would also like to thank Amanda Barron for tweeting about us, Debbi and Phil Fallone at Best of Bury for hosting another great Expo, Martin Stembridge for taking the event photographs and the Major of Bury for our great “love Square Peg” picture! 

We hope to see you all soon!

He made it through the wilderness!

In our last blog we told you about our new recruit James taking on a challenge for Capital’s Survive the Wild in aid of Global’s Make Some Noise. Well… he took on the wild and he made it! Here is his diary….

Day 1: 

Meet the team, full brief by Dangerous Dan (The event organiser) and off out the gate….

1st was a mountain climb to summit of base camp then a walk towards our next challenge – 40 meter abseil, cave walking and finally a cliff jump (fully submerged) into freezing water followed by more cave walking waist deep in more water that hasn’t seen daylight or any form of heat for god knows how long. I was blue, couldn’t feel my toes and stank of stagnant water by the time we reached the end.

Night time.

Given a bag of potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, pasta, apples, bread, some nuts, jar of jam coffee, tea bags, sugar and UHT milk to last 3 meals for 6 people.

Day 2:

Slept for about 2 hours and woken up by someone Dan “pan bashing”….

Assigned a mountaineering  guide called Paul (Owner of Mountain Magic Org) http://mountainmagic.org.uk/people/paul-boggis/ Fantastic guy, helped everyone all the way to the top of Mount Wetherlam.

Walked around 16km finished by a very steep walk down to the bottom where we were met by further instructors who took us through our final challenge.

3 waterfall jumps… icy cold flowing water. 1st jump, a step and drop between funnel shaped rocks (arms in, legs straight), 2nd a jump in and over rocks into white waters and 3rd a rock slide then sheer drop into colder water.

Walk back to camp, debrief and then a drive home back to reality.

Feet, Legs and arse are on fire, blisters on my right foot but overall a brilliant weekend and all for an amazing cause. 

You can still sponsor me here https://cstw16.everydayhero.com/uk/james#/?_k=uv0l90

Will James ‘survive the wild’?

For those that read our previous blog you will know I am the new recruit at Square Peg. And as the rest of the team have been busy doing some physical challenges for charity I thought I would try my hand (and legs too) at raising some money!

I am asking for your help, please help raise awareness and some money for Globals Make Some Noise charity with Capital’s Survive The Wild Challenge. This is the final week! “crunch time” and I only have 5 days left to hit my target of £250.

Why Globals Make Some Noise? Because it’s a fantastic opportunity to raise money and help not just one but twelve small and brilliant charities across the UK, which help youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity. 

This is a first for me, I haven’t ever done anything like this for charity before but we all have to start somewhere so I’m asking for your support to help me make a difference.  

So…please spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means more than you could ever imagine to those small charities that can’t shout loud enough.

So let’s all make some noise for those who don’t get heard. 



James Soden – Senior Consultant

Hello James!

My first insight to the recruitment world was about 4 years ago and can honestly say I have never looked back. Within a few weeks I found myself studying in London to gain my Cert in Recruitment Practice, at that point I knew that this is what I wanted to do, not just as a job to earn money but as a career. I saw this as an opportunity to help people, give back and help change people’s lives for the better.

“In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences – just learning experiences”

At the moment I’m ”The Newbie” of the Square Peg Associates team and what a fantastic team it is. I joined Suzanne and Square Peg Associates as a Senior Recruitment Consultant focussing on strategically expanding the businesses footprint to achieve organic and constant growth.  

In my spare time I like to socialise, read books, experiment in the kitchen cooking different foods and think I keep fit by attending a local gym.

I have a Claud Butler road bike and like to go for long rides – Unfortunately I have an unhealthy obsession with keeping my bike clean so tend to spend longer cleaning it than riding it….

I’m about to undertake a challenge called ‘Survive the Wild’ – more on that later! 

We are a resilient breed.

Everyday we see clients and candidates who just don’t understand how resourceful we are as people. In business the majority of us have focus, goals, aims and ambitions. Every now and again though life happens. These aims fall to the bottom of our list of priorities as we focus on other challenges that take place. It feels like we are fighting the battle every day.

We once worked with a client who had been going through their own set of challenges. A hugely successful business owner had been stopped in his tracks by life events. Family problems and becoming over run with issues in the business had compounded to bring a unique set of challenging circumstances.

Our discussions centred on the business challenges and we’d meet regularly to discuss goals. When it became apparent he was becoming over run with other concerns it was time to get down to basics. It became apparent that his personal horizons were changing on a daily basis and so it became hard to do anything with the longer term in mind. Instead we worked on setting some short term goals; goals designed to get him from one month to the next, one day to the next.

Two days before an upcoming meeting we received a phone call. “I’m really sorry but I think we should postpone, I don’t think I’ve done anything that we talked about last time and things have been very difficult this last month.”

“If you want to rearrange that’s fine but it might help just to have a catch up anyway. Forget the goals for now, let’s just meet for a coffee and go through what’s been happening in the business.”

So we met up and started talking. From the look on our client’s face I could immediately tell he was actually relieved to be away from everything else and having a chance to unload. It’s always our job to provide non-judgemental listening with and empathetic approach.

As we came towards the end of the conversation we discussed progress. “Do you realise that during the last month, without realising, you’ve hit all those goals that we discussed last month.” Holding the mirror up and repeating back what he’d told us. He was amazed.

We are a resilient breed. Programmed into many of us the ability to keep going when the chips are down. You’ll be amazed just what you can achieve even when you are struggling. It’s in our DNA, sometimes just some positive reinforcement is all we need to realise just how capable we are.

– Paul from Square Peg Associates Ltd

Then we were 4!



We’ve been celebrating four fantastic years with our wonderful clients and candidates and it’s caused me to reflect on my time so far since I launched the agency.

I’ve enjoyed every minute since I launched Square Peg, and when I started the agency back in 2012 it was my ambition to create a recruitment business, which adds value by really getting under the skin of its clients and customers.

I always tell new clients how I started in recruitment straight out of education, it’s all I know, and it’s my passion. While building up my experience over the years it always felt like understanding the client’s business and culture really well was something that was sometimes overlooked. I passionately believe that getting to know the culture of a client’s business, and taking time to really get to know our candidates means we get the right people in the right places, not square pegs in round holes!

I like to think of it as ‘making the pieces fit’ when we start working on a brief, really getting to know what a client requires for their business and working hard with candidates to prepare them thoroughly for a role is our priority. It’s really all about the people.

So from the team and myself I’d like to thank everyone that has been involved in our journey so far and I look forward to our next four years!



Let’s Celebrate!




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