He made it through the wilderness!

In our last blog we told you about our new recruit James taking on a challenge for Capital’s Survive the Wild in aid of Global’s Make Some Noise. Well… he took on the wild and he made it! Here is his diary….

Day 1: 

Meet the team, full brief by Dangerous Dan (The event organiser) and off out the gate….

1st was a mountain climb to summit of base camp then a walk towards our next challenge – 40 meter abseil, cave walking and finally a cliff jump (fully submerged) into freezing water followed by more cave walking waist deep in more water that hasn’t seen daylight or any form of heat for god knows how long. I was blue, couldn’t feel my toes and stank of stagnant water by the time we reached the end.

Night time.

Given a bag of potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, pasta, apples, bread, some nuts, jar of jam coffee, tea bags, sugar and UHT milk to last 3 meals for 6 people.

Day 2:

Slept for about 2 hours and woken up by someone Dan “pan bashing”….

Assigned a mountaineering  guide called Paul (Owner of Mountain Magic Org) http://mountainmagic.org.uk/people/paul-boggis/ Fantastic guy, helped everyone all the way to the top of Mount Wetherlam.

Walked around 16km finished by a very steep walk down to the bottom where we were met by further instructors who took us through our final challenge.

3 waterfall jumps… icy cold flowing water. 1st jump, a step and drop between funnel shaped rocks (arms in, legs straight), 2nd a jump in and over rocks into white waters and 3rd a rock slide then sheer drop into colder water.

Walk back to camp, debrief and then a drive home back to reality.

Feet, Legs and arse are on fire, blisters on my right foot but overall a brilliant weekend and all for an amazing cause. 

You can still sponsor me here https://cstw16.everydayhero.com/uk/james#/?_k=uv0l90

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