Marketing Assistant

I was contacted by Square Peg after weeks of struggling to find my perfect job. Kathai informed me that she came across my CV online and knew of a company who were looking for a new employee with similar attributes and skills. 

After our initial phone discussion, I had a meeting with Kim. Kim informed me of the job specifications and she gained an understanding of who I am as a person. She told me all about the business and what she knew of them and their teams.

Kim lessened my nerves by giving me thorough interview advice via numerous phone calls and ensured that I was fully prepared, thus giving me the best chance to succeed! Throughout the process, Kim frequently contacted me and gave me relevant information and motivation. With Square Pegs ongoing help, support and genuine encouragement, I managed to get the job! 

The Square Peg team are incredibly kind, relatable and great people. I feel that they care and would be sure to recommend them to anyone and I would like to thank them for helping me on my career journey!

Erin – Wigan

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