Say Hi to Sophie..

Meet Sophie! It’s great to have her onboard with the Square Peg team!

Your ‘Official’ job role for Square Peg

I will be working within the Financial Services sector, specifically on senior level roles. I’m super excited to get to grips with the industry and run with it! Find the latest Finance roles here

What attracted you to Square Peg?

I was attracted to Square Peg by the opportunity to work in a very niche sector, specifically on senior level roles. I loved how small the company was and the girl power! I like the idea of surrounding myself with successful women in business.

Tell us a little about yourself 

I grew up in Ramsbottom and have just bought my first house with my boyfriend, Callum.

Do you have any hobbies –

I’ve ridden horses since I was 7 and now have my own horse called Oliver. He can be very stubborn but he loves to jump and generally just go as fast as he can so most of the time I’m clinging on for dear life! I’m more than happy spending a whole day pottering around at the yard (which came in very handy during lockdown!).

Who is your role model –

Jo Malone – she started selling paintings from a market stall at 8 years old and has since founded the Jo Malone brand after combining ingredients at her kitchen table to come up with her fragrances. She wrote in her book that nothing is wasted in our life because everything that happens builds you as a person. Plus, her candles smell divine.

Three words to describe you –

Tenacious, passionate and (sometimes too) optimistic.

Tell us something no one knows –

I have qualifications from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (it sounds a lot fancier than it is!).

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