Tell us: Your interview nightmares

Arriving late, dressing inappropriately, taking personal phone calls. Just a few of your gripes when it comes to interview etiquette. But we know there are worse examples out there. And we want to hear about them.

As we all know, succeeding and impressing at interview is a balancing act. Whilst you want a candidate to act in a professional and confident manner, it’s equally as important they remain humble, inquisitive and appreciative of the opportunity they’re being given. However, as we also know, this isn’t always the case.

To give prospective candidates the best chance of succeeding  when interviewing for jobs, we want to give them some pointers from recruiters in the front line about what they should do and, more importantly, what they shouldn’t. And to do this we’d like your help.

Please share your best and worst interview nightmares* in the comments section below.

Need inspiration? Here are some of our recent favourites:

The hat-trick
The jobseeker who turned up 30 minutes late for his interview ‘wearing a Hawaiian shirt and trainers, having been instructed that the dress code was “smart”’. Halfway through the interview, the interviewee’s phone rang – and he answered it. The hat-trick of interview gaffes was complete.

The chancer                                    
The jobseeker who, when unable to answer questions about his CV, revealed that she’d never actually read it ‘because her brother had written it for her’.

The intimidator                                                            
One senior manager recalls interviewing an older candidate who, when asked a particularly challenging question, leant over and interrupted with a brusque: ‘Come on, son, dig deep’.

The lover
And, perhaps the pick of the bunch, is the howler described by a recruiter from the South West, who told of the time an interview was interrupted as the candidate had a visitor. Having argued with her partner beforehand, the interviewee’s boyfriend decided that making up was more important than his partner completing her interview. Needless to say, the candidate didn’t progress any further.

*Personal information will be kept private and confidential.

by Lynn Cahillane

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